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An Interview I did with TILR

The InterLiterary Rag: Katherine, since publishing your novel has your life changed?
KS: Of course it has. Whenever you can see your work published, you feel vindicated as an artist and an author. It was extremely difficult for me to come up with all of these characters, and to work them into a believable setting, and getting feedback from people, through the internet has been a god-send.

The InterLiterary Rag:What do you think of the so-called fandom that surrounds The Experiment?
KS: I'm deeply honored by the interest people have taken in my work. It's mostly women, but we are such a proud and emboldened gender these days. I like to think that the women in our fandom are inspired by Ellen's behavior.

The InterLiterary Rag: What's next for you and your publishing?
KS: I've considered a sequel. I've heard criticisms that the book didn't finish with all the ends tied up. I've been doing a lot of brainstorming and prewriting. I had writers block for a few months, but since the birth of my third daughter, everything has opened up again. I feel like a new woman. I was battling post-partum depression for the first month, and now that the cloud has lifted, I feel far more creative. Post-partum depression is a terrible thing, I am thinking that perhaps the sequel might have to include the tackling of that issue.

The InterLiterary Rag: It's good to know we can expect more from you in the future.
KS: Thank you. I look forward to bringing more novels into existence. I feel that being an author is my true calling, and that the success of The Experiment has been a gift from God.
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